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QuiBids.com is an American online retailer headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. It is a retail website that operates as a bidding fee auction, also known as a penny auction. The company has been sued under allegations that it is a form of illegal gambling and that its advertising is misleading. It advertises the price products are auctioned at in QuiBids cash and compares them to US dollars without disclosing the different currencies being used.

In November 2012 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL reported in 2010 Lawrence Locke filed a class-action lawsuit against QuiBids claiming it violated the Oklahoma Consumer Protection Act and common law fraud, alleging that it does not disclose that the majority of customers lose money on the site by bidding on items they did not win. Other federal lawsuits have also been filed claiming illegal gambling and false advertising by, among other things, misappropriating images from news websites and fabricating customer testimonials. The Washington state attorney general's office studied the bidding-fee scheme and concluded that it does not constitute gambling under its state laws. It is now studying whether or not such "penny auctions" constitute a lottery.


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"Poor management, employee moral doesn't exist, they went through 3 rounds of layoffs because management cannot get their act together."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything is a con here"


"No upward movement. Management is poor and ego maniacs are in control. One minute you'll be told you're "essential" and the next you'll have no job...even after many years of hard work. Aimless business path and reckless business decision making. Did I mention sexism reigns supreme? It does. Talent isn't nourished or appreciated, it's exploited."


"The company does not reward employees for positive performance or feedback. Managers are severely inexperienced and provide no clear direction on career growth. There are way too many great companies in Oklahoma to work for than this one. The company is just trying to grow exponentially fast, and cut margins whatever way possible (i.e. employee pay and benefits). Again, unless your just trying to pay the bills and get very basic health/dental insurance, stay away and don't waste your time. Pay raises are unheard of, you are rewarded with a gold star that comes with strings attached. Everyone in that place will stab you in the back to make themselves look good….and do it smiling. It is a revolving door and the cheaper employee takes the place of experience. You will be working 60+ hours a week. What makes this the worst is its unnecessary work, but management cannot figure out which way is up so this creates complete chaos and extra time sucking meetings so they can buy time to try and figure out what they are doing. Managers would rather hire anyone off the street then promote from within."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Compensation is based on a number of factors including experience, expertise, as well as local, national, and industry standards. There is an opportunity for yearly raises and advancements when the business is able to provide them, however, we encourage you to always work hard and do your best to set yourself up for continued growth and success with QuiBids. We work with management in our monthly lead meetings in effort to continuously improve our organizational leadership; adequate planning of corporate and departmental objectives will continue to be a focus. Please know that our doors are always open if you would ever like to discuss how we can make work life better for you and other co-workers. We truly value each and every one of our employees, and we want you to love every aspect of your work here at QuiBids."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I feel mislead from what I was told prior to starting here. Everyone made it sound like you get all the bells and whistles, but that simply isn't true. Some departments appear to have good leadership and strong team building, which makes it obvious who the positive reviews on here are from; others are a hot mess. I can't keep my work day straight because my goals and objectives change at the blink of an eye. It's very overwhelming to think that my leaders don't have a clear vision for the company and are constantly changing everything about our new site. I came from a very established company, and while it's true that we get good benefits and can wear jeans to work, the fundamental lack of structure greatly outweighs the fun work environment."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"Unfortunately for QuiBids, the cons outweigh the pros. The executive team seems to mean well with the directives they send down the ladder, but those directives aren't usually carried out by the management in place. This is a very young company that is trying to work out the details as the go along. That shouldn't be an issue, but they aren't quick to make an adjustment when something isn't working. Most employees you talk to are unhappy and looking for jobs elsewhere. This may have been a "fun" place to work two years ago, but now it is a "bitter" place to work. Also, QuiBids believes that they offset the terrible pay with all the above listed pros. I don't think anyone would be upset to see donut Monday disappear, if that meant they could get a raise."

Current Employee - Regular Employee says

"The environment seems to be a fog until you get to the real company. It is a fun environment but the salary is not available."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We are saddened to hear that you felt harassed while working here, as we do not tolerate harassment of any kind at QuiBids. We take harassment of any kind very seriously. Please report these instances to HR so we can address them appropriately. In a business as fast-paced and dynamic as QuiBids, making strategic changes to direction is necessary to ensure that QuiBids continues to lead the way in entertainment shopping. Providing more clear direction is something that will continue to be an ongoing focus of the leadership group. Our mission and vision could be summarized as “to build an epic business that changes the way people shop online by incorporating fun and engaging elements into the purchase experience using cutting edge concepts,” and this is evident in the direction QuiBids is going. We work with management in our monthly lead meetings in effort to continuously improve our organizational leadership so our managers can inspire and lead employees to reach their potential, and we are sorry to hear that you were given the impression you weren't valued. We wish you had a better experience working for us and hope the best for you in your future endeavors."

Current Employee - Deal Nova Employee says

"Little room for growth, poor culture, low pay, low job satisfaction, small work spaces, old computers, little appreciation for employees by managers"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"When I originally started it was a great, fun work environment as a "web start up". Then the business continued to grow and each of us took on more and more responsibility without much in the way of compensation. There was some cancerous upper management that is now gone, but the after effects of their presence still lingers and we lost some great employees due to the way this individual operated. I used to recommend friends for job openings here but now I don't.Fun work environment with great coworkersPay is below average and there is a lack of communication on goals from upper management."

Tyler Rogers says

"Rip off alert!! Do not waste your time or money. You will only give them way more than you win and their products are mostly cheap rip offs and trash. They send beat up almost used looking products which are poorly packed. They must buy these items from a thrift store or even the dollar tree based on my experience. Winning is rare and I’m convinced they have bots constantly outbidding others to take in the $$$. I can’t say that I KNOW this for sure but it almost seems too obvious. Do not fall for this scam and save yourself the frustration of trying to win- you will too regret it. Thanks quibids for your garbage products and taking people’s money unfairly. I hope somewhere down the line you get called out and get shut down- cannot happen soon enough! Shame on me for falling for this but I need to warn others!!!"

samuel ramirez says

"Stay as far away from them as possible. If you win bid, you never get the product. If you loose the bid for the product your are still charged for it. I was charged $60 dollars. You try filling a complaint they never get back to you. Only way I was able to get my money back was by going to bank and filling a dispute."

Brandon Hill says

"If your not paying attention they will add bidpacks to your account,billing your credit card without any sort of confirmation."

Harrison Tao says

"There is something super suspicious. Whenever the timer gets down to 1 second and you are the highest bidder, the timer freezes. This makes me think that the other bidders with 20k bids are actually bots."

Dawn Lange Mcaleer says

"when you go to site you have no choice but to spend 60 dollars just to find out what its all about. then to buy more bids you have to spend 27 dollars and thats the lowest pack you can buy. and i spent 1000 dollars on the site with hardly no rewards or anything. deal dash is a way better site and alot cheaper with way more packs of bids to choose fromand you should give you clients more bonuses or more bids for what they spend! dealdash does"

Heather says

"Gave my credit card number since I figured I'd be bidding on items. Had to pay, right? It says bids are 60 cents each but doesn't tell you that you are buying $60 worth. You cannot access sit without paying, apparently. There is no 'confirm order' or 'place order' option. Just an 'okay' like button to proceed signing up.
So you have these bids available. I thought maybe they gave you free bids to check it out. You start bidding, figuring out how it all works and you just spent $60 on cheap items you didn't even want & certainly wouldn't have wasted your money on.
Customer Service says oh well, that's how it works. They refused to provide a corporate address (to file a complaint) and shut down my ticket, refusing to talk to me about it."

Jen Williams says

"Beware when going to quibids,com they will track your cookies on computer and send you spam very hard to remove.

Quibids will also scam you they have robots to place bids for them."

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